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I am totally prepared for parenting. Not. July 30, 2007

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I delivered my dear daughter Grace six weeks early. Besides the panic of a completely unexpected premature birth, I realized I hadn’t had time to read my “how to” parenting books. Ok, I’d read Babywise but that was it. I was so ready to follow Babywise. Grace would be wise if she liked it or not!!!

Then the reality set in. Yes, the three hour intervals can work for some, but those babies probably would have gone along with any plan. My daughter was basically sleeping for six weeks after birth and then BOOM!!!! No sleep for you. Don’t you dare think about putting me down either! I tried cooking with a sling, wrap, Baby Bjorn, all of it. Nothing worked for me. I do not have that babywearing gene, she was always in danger of slipping out…Swing..check. She slept all night in it for a month. “But this is ruining your Babywise plan” you say. Yes it did. “Healthy Sleep Habits says motion sleep isn’t the same as non-motion sleep.” I guess that’s what they say but after a few days I had felt like I’d done a tour in a war and couldn’t take it anymore. Then I realized that all my best laid plans were out the window and I turned to others for support. I hope to provide some of that here, maybe a little humor too as well as my recommendations on things I found helpful, for what its worth.  Any questions you’d like me to field? Email me at


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