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Babyproofing the fireplace (aka the deathtrap) July 31, 2007

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Kidsafe Hearth Protectorimg_0451.jpgGrace is now pulling up and “cruising” as they say. Of course, she’s obsessed with our stone hearth fireplace. I tried getting those foam things that stick on the edges and she essentially just laughed at me. Those things came off in about five minutes. I tried supergluing them to the stone. No matter, she ripped them off.  I thought about ordering a cover from this site My only concern was that we were going to have to custom order and I’ve made so many errors already that I wanted to have the option of a return if need be. So we went with this one which somehow screws on without damaging the hearth. Success!!! It’s more pricy, yes, but I bit hte bullet. The others did NOT work. This is Grace-proof but hasn’t resolved the problem of her climbing on top of the hearth when I’m not looking. You can’t have it all I guess.


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