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Colic, fussy tummy, formula issues July 31, 2007

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gripe.jpggood-start.jpgcolic-tab.jpgTry as we might, Grace and I were not meant to be a breastfeeding couple. We tried, oh did we try. Multiple lacation appointments culminating with a nurse actually telling me “you know, it’s ok if it doesn’t happen.” Turns out my little peanut just didn’t get the sucking down. I learned quickly at the hospital that this could be a problem. I pumped for two months and then couldn’t take it anymore. She was originally put on Neosure preemie formula. Then we were switched to Similac Advance. DISASTER! Poor thing just was so fussy and unhappy. We tried Isomil soy. WORSE!  We did some research and felt we were headed to Alimentum, the hypoallergenic, super expensive formula. We begged the doctor to say it was ok. Finally she did. Moral of the story: You know your child better than your doctor, don’t be afraid to speak up. She was a new baby on Alimentum. However, it was so expensive and eventually we wanted to get her to regular formula. We eased her into Carnation Good Start without a problem. I only wish we had tried that first before Alimentum.  If you have a colicky, gassy, sensitive tummy baby, here are some of my favorites. Also check out It’s invaluable.

My best of include: Good Start formula, Baby’s Bliss Gripe Water, Hyland’s Colic Tablets (homeopathic). You can find them all at


2 Responses to “Colic, fussy tummy, formula issues”

  1. Summer Says:

    Was she fussy and colicy before the formula?

  2. bboston88 Says:

    She started to be a little but not really. She really ramped up around her original due date (6 weeks) which is very common for colic onset and preemies as well. They tend to “wake up” on their original due date.

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