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Do I buy her doll clothes? No, seriously what does she wear? July 31, 2007

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on469192-01qlv01.jpgMy poor dear was so small coming home (actually 4lbs, 5 oz) upon discharge from hospital, I had absolutely nothing for her to wear. With the abundance of twins recently (and their likely prematurity), even Gap and Old Navy have gotten into the mix. Gap is for gifts. I’m a Target girl. But Target does not show the love for the preemie (get on the bandwagon guys!). Anyway, for those teenies, I found the big WM, WalMart, to have a lot of basics. Not so much online though. Babies R Us is also a savior for the preemie.

Check out the “under 7 lbs” section for the preemie at Old Navy:

 I understand that micropreemies and babies spending much, unfortunate time in the NICU have different needs. Check out for some inexpensive, NICU-friendly clothes for your cutie.


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