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I Can’t Decide About the Britax Marathon July 31, 2007

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albee-baby_1957_54436790.gifI long for the days when Grace could comfortably ride in her Graco Snugride. Ahhh, the days of ease. That thing was so simple, never a twist or any confusing installation processes. Now Grace has graduated to the convertible car seat (a while ago actually). She is now permitted to ride forward facing. My car doesn’t have latch so we have to use the lap and shoulder belts. As I tried to extracate it from the belt in the rear facing position, the belt somehow tangled around the “lock off.” Two hours at the dealer and some frustration tears later the dealer says there’s no way they can get more slack out of the locked belt. A new belt is $500. Or you break the carseat. Luckily Britax said they’d sent a new lock off to me and that it wouldn’t affect my use of the seat. Turns out as I prepared to break the lockoff, it came loose. Glory!!!

 So here are my Britax Marathon Pros: Good customer service, one of the best safety-wise, seems to be comfy, goes up to 65 lbs I believe, it’s cute.

Cons: It is now sitting in my living room. I find this thing incredibly difficult to adjust, install without latch. I have a Cosco Senara cheapy for travel and it is not nearly as complicated. It also suffers from frequent twists of the straps, despite the touting of “no twisting” of the straps. And the thing is HEAVY!!! No cupholder, armrest if that matters.

 If you want a Britax, I recommend getting the Fisher Price Safe Voyage, which is made by Britax, and about $100 or more cheaper. Right now it’s on sale at Baby Universe for $139. Get it kids!!

Also, Albee Baby has the Britax Marathon on sale for $209.99 with free shipping. This is a total bargain in Britax world!


2 Responses to “I Can’t Decide About the Britax Marathon”

  1. mel Says:

    consumer reports say that evenflo triumph ties for first place with the britax roundabout. overall rating 81. the marathon scored 58 and was the most expensive, go figure!

  2. Maximus Says:

    I would like to see a continuation of the topic

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