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Best. Baby. Shoes. Ever: Pedipeds. August 6, 2007

Filed under: Baby,Products — bboston88 @ 9:05 pm

36-121-everything_catalogimage.jpg36-100-everything_catalogimage.jpgMy daugther is a total squirmer. I can’t get shoes on her to save my life. Now that she’s a year old I really think it’s time to get some shoes on the child. I tried Robeez (ok but still a little tough to get on), generic Robeez, Target Circo shoes (cute but I think mine were defective, they literally looked like she had 2 left feet and they came off after an hour at daycare). I finally bit the bullet and bought some shoes that cost more than $10 since she’s cruising around now. She got them on at the store without a word so I would have paid anything at that point! They are Pedipeds. They are flexible soled shoes that are good for crawling and/or walking. They adhere to the “barefoot is best” theory so if you want shoes with a lot of arch support, these aren’t for you. The concept is your baby will develop their arches and muscles best by having “feel” of barefeet while being protected outside. I got the white Olivias and couldn’t be happier. So easy to put on and she is so proud of them (she clicks her tootsies together and smiles.) And how cute are these??? You can buy direct from the site and Zappos also has a good selection.


One Response to “Best. Baby. Shoes. Ever: Pedipeds.”

  1. Elisabeth Says:

    My son loves these. I tried all kinds of shoes for my little guy. He pulled every single pair off because he hated the feel. We put a pair of PediPeds on him at the store, and he didn’t immediatly pull them off, so we bought three pairs. Pricey, but worth it, because now I don’t have to worry about people always commenting on his bare feet.

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