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Pacifier Controversy–How Old Is Too Old? August 14, 2007

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ryder1.jpgWhen thi300.jpgs pic was published a while back, many were up in arms about Ryder’s binky. They said he was 2 or 3 and waaaay too old for a pacifier. I agree that 2-3 is pushing it but when do you think they should go? I encountered a poor daycare workers struggling with a child who looked like she’d been crying for a week straight because “the parents want the pacifier gone, cold turkey.” The poor baby was probably only 8 months old and now the lucky daycare workers get to deal with the aftermath. How much you want to bet the baby gets it at night when the parents are around??? I’m just saying.

Grace initially had no pacifier and then it was suggested by the lactation consultants that it would help her suck reflex. We’ve been on the binky ever since. Regular latex Binky, not orthodontic thank you very much. I’m just excited that she seemed to take the orthodontic one today. That’s progress over here. She really only uses them to sleep. I’m not going to get all jacked up about it like some people do “you MUST wean at age (fill in the blank).” I’ve never seen a child attending college with a binky so I’m pretty sure she’ll be able to give it up.


6 Responses to “Pacifier Controversy–How Old Is Too Old?”

  1. robin Says:

    thanks for the post…I agree…My daughter is 26 months and had the binky to fall asleep or during the day if she’s tired (before a nap) and I’ve had friends and complete strangers say things to me about it…it’s incredible how rude people are-

  2. tessa Says:

    I would not tell another parent they are wrong-that is rude. But, personally, I think over 12 months is too old. It is important for them to learn how to comfort themselves. My son is 5 mo. and gets it in public when crying or before a nap, but I am starting to let him cry for 5 min and then he falls asleep on his own. Soon he’ll learn it’s that time for sleep and go by himself.

  3. Akira Claymore Says:

    When I was still raising my baby boy he had his pacifier all the time. I never took his pacifier away, he’s always had it and still does. He’s had 3 pacifiers, he still keeps them as a memory from the past. When he turned 3 we restricted him from using it all the time. He was only allowed to use it during bed time or nap time and NEVER allowed to take it to school. He stopped using it in bed when he turned 14. When he turned 14 he put them in a box under his bed with all his other toys he wanted to keep for memories. Personally I find it cute. Its not like he uses it 24/7 that would ruin his teeth. In fact his teeth are in perfect condition, they are very well taken care of. You should never wean your baby off their pacifier completely. I mean everyone has their own little thing they keep VERY close to themselves as a child and up. Like their blanky or some baby toy or something. My mate has a glow-worm he’s kept for years just for memory. But my son, who is now 19 years old, still has his paccys even a few other ones too, just for memories. But its never a bad thing to have them, its very cute. Just don’t let your kid use it 24/7

  4. Callie Says:

    Akira, I really hope you are kidding….14 is not appropriate to be using a binky. It’s not even appropriate for a kid to use it beyond age 2 or 3. At some point your child needs to grow up and find other ways to comfort himself.

    Parents who use binkies with older children are the same parents who spank their kids over every little infraction- they parents are too lazy to deal with their kids on a more mature level. So instead of listening to their kids, they just shove a binky in their mouths to shut them up.

  5. bboston88 Says:

    I have to admit, my daughter is 3 years, 2 months. No binky during the day. But I allow it at home at nighttime. To be honest, I absolutely cannot face the fight right now with taking it away. She is usually pretty good about going with it when the time is right so I’m not forcing it. I am also potty training and work full time in a high stress job so now is not the time to lose sleep or wage this battle. Pick your battles is my motto.

    • Christy Says:

      I have a 2.5 year old boy….who is still obsessed with his binky. Not everyone has the luxury of an easy child who just goes with the flow. Potty training and growing up, talking, walking, eating the right way….they all need to happen when your child is ready emotionally. Mine does not have a fave toy or blankie, and is smart enough to know that there is no binky fairy…I can always buy more from the store. I am going to just wait for him to give it up…and hope that weening my 15 month old now will help him to see he doesnt need it anymore. Picking your battles is the best advise I have ever seen on this issue. Its just a damn binky not like he is still breast feeding (which by the way in every other country the age to ween off the boob is 4 to 6…only in america is this considered sick….no wonder we are so messed up ha? something to think about)

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