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Teeth, Teeth Go Away. August 15, 2007

Filed under: Infant,Products — bboston88 @ 11:58 pm

orogel.jpgmotrin.jpghylands.jpg200.jpgPoor Gracie is teething like a maniac right now. I can see the numerous whitecaps right under the gums and I think we’re getting the dreaded molars. I’m always looking for remedies and here’s what I have found “works” so far. Keep in mind nothing works completely except those darn teeth breaking through the gums.

Hyland’s Teething Tablets (homeopathic) work pretty well but lately we’ve had to step it up to Infant Motrin. Another idea is putting the pacifier in the freezer (it won’t get too hard). I’ve also found a great remedy which is this little baggie thing from Munchkin. It’s called a Fresh Food Feeder, the idea being you put solids in the bag and they can chew without choking. I’ve found putting an ice cube in there really helps the teething. Just keep going to the freezer and repeating until the Motrin kicks in…

You can find all this wonderful stuff at


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