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Maddie McCann–Missing or Murdered? September 10, 2007

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family.jpgindex_03.jpgI, as most people, was horrified when I first read about Madeleine McCann’s disappearance while vacationing in Portugal. Certainly her parents would not have chosen to leave her and her siblings sleeping while dining if they had to do it all over again. But how many times are we all tempted to do such a thing? We were vacationing in the same building as friends, with a video monitor. I was very tempted to tuck her in and share a glass of wine with my friends. Thankfully because of Maddie I did not. In reality, she likely would have been just fine. But what if there had been a fire? Or worse?

Now comes word that perhaps an arrest of Maddie’s parents is imminent. The Portugese police believe that her mother accidentally killed her by an overdose of a sedative. A sedative may make sense if she was trying to get her child to sleep and she is a doctor with access. However, the alleged blood evidence sounds shaky and one must wonder why, if the parents were responsible for something sinister, they would stay in the country and drum up so much media investigation into the matter. It does not make sense.

I hope that she is still alive and found and hope the parents are not responsible for anything regarding her disappearance. I do not believe they are. I believe they are absolutely tortured right now and suffering more because of the bungling Portugese police. I hope I’m right.

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Stand Up Against Toxic Toys

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header_map.gifLast night I noticed a toy of Grace’s with some paint peeled off (likely from her mouth). I was mortified, remembered it was Fisher Price, then got really mad again. It’s ridiculous we have to worry about this. Fisher Price and other manufacturers who outsource need to take responsibility.

 If you want your voice heard on this and many other topics, check out They make it really easy to get your voice heard. 


The Britney-fication of our Children

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thumb_dontyapants.jpgp11275659_ph_hero.jpgI’m no prude and I was very into fashion as a youngster in elementary school. However, I recently stumbled upon a children’s clothing store and was dumbfounded. I think it was a children’s store, that’s what it said, but the clothes looked like shrunken versions of what I would like to wear, if I could afford it. The whole place was stocked with True Religion infant jeans and other various t-shirts and such in the $75+ range. Geez. Can’t we let kids be kids for a bit. Do we really need them to look like mini-me’s and miniature adults so quickly? Why does someone feel compelled to dress their child to the nines (and tens) when they are going to spit up on the $100 shirt anyway. And who are they trying to impress? Just asking.

And this doesn’t even touch the subject of risque clothing. Did you know there is a new line of children’s/toddler’s clothes by the Pussycat Dolls with cute little sayings on the butt and chest that say “Don’tya Wish Your Mom Was Hot Like Mine?” I’m speechless.