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The Britney-fication of our Children September 10, 2007

Filed under: Parenting — bboston88 @ 7:28 pm

thumb_dontyapants.jpgp11275659_ph_hero.jpgI’m no prude and I was very into fashion as a youngster in elementary school. However, I recently stumbled upon a children’s clothing store and was dumbfounded. I think it was a children’s store, that’s what it said, but the clothes looked like shrunken versions of what I would like to wear, if I could afford it. The whole place was stocked with True Religion infant jeans and other various t-shirts and such in the $75+ range. Geez. Can’t we let kids be kids for a bit. Do we really need them to look like mini-me’s and miniature adults so quickly? Why does someone feel compelled to dress their child to the nines (and tens) when they are going to spit up on the $100 shirt anyway. And who are they trying to impress? Just asking.

And this doesn’t even touch the subject of risque clothing. Did you know there is a new line of children’s/toddler’s clothes by the Pussycat Dolls with cute little sayings on the butt and chest that say “Don’tya Wish Your Mom Was Hot Like Mine?” I’m speechless. 


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