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Octomom: Wasn’t 6 enough?? February 13, 2009

Filed under: Baby,Controversy,Motherhood,Parenting — bboston88 @ 1:57 am

Listen everyone, I’ve been MIA for over a year since I returned to work (that’s the way that goes) but Ocotmom and her octuplets has me riled. Clearly, I believe this woman has a mental illness. I truly believe the doctor who implanted her the second time around since have his license revoked. She has no means of support, will max out her health insurance and thinks God will take care of it all. Guess what, he won’t! The attorney in me is more than a little disgusted by the fact she collected over 165K in disability payments while saying she could not work. Raising (6 at the time) with 2 having special needs??? That’s harder than any “paying” job out there.

Newbie Mama signing off.


2 Responses to “Octomom: Wasn’t 6 enough??”

  1. myra36 Says:

    completely agree with you. i feel bad for the children though. take care!

  2. Mike Says:

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