Newbie Mama

Newbie Mama – Why Don’t People Tell You These Things?!

Newbie Mama’s Bio July 30, 2007

Welcome to Newbie Mama, the website dedicated to Mamas around the world who need some helpful advice and a shoulder to lean on.  If you are pregnant or have been pregnant, you know that there are about as many opinions on baby things/parenting/pregnancy as there are people on the planet.  You also know it’s not all smiles and coos but also erupting poops and sleepless nights that make you think a tour in a war would be a relief.

I am no expert but one thing I have learned is that other mothers were the best source of information out there.  My goal is to create a site where any new or experienced mother can exchange lessons learned and pass on answers to frequently- asked questions. Posts are written from multiple sources. This blog is meant to hopefully enlighten a bit and humor a bit. It is not a substitute for good old-fashioned medical advice, common sense or parenting skills. 

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