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Good Old Fashioned Plastic High Chair: Graco Contempo August 8, 2007

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0004740608876_500x500.jpgI’ll admit that I used to be much more concerned with fashion over function. I wanted a Stokke high chair so as not to disrupt my furnishings. A Bugaboo Frog because that’s what you “had” to have (when we lived in San Francisco). Well, screw the Stokke because it has no tray (unless you pay $$$) for the child and the Bugaboo is a pain in my ***. I’m now all about convenience.

Grace outgrew her booster type high chair (strap on to an existing chair) rather rapidly and it was time to get her a real one. I gave in to practicality and got the Graco Contempo in Kasbah. I love it. It is easily wiped as it’s not fabric (more of a plastic), Grace is comfy in it and it has a huge, washable tray that removes. Newbie Mama screwed the bottle top on incorrectly and milk went flying everywhere, including all over Grace. Cleaning the chair was a breeze. Cleaning Grace was a little more challenging. Plus, it folds up quite nicely. I may even take this baby on vacation with us and stuff it in the car. Two thumbs up!!!

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To Cereal or Not Cereal That is the Question August 6, 2007

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wgrc.jpgwgoc1.jpgAs I was browsing in Target yesterday (like I always do) and nice woman asked me if I was a mother and my thoughts on rice cereal. It was still a little weird for me to say “yes, I’m a mother.” She was debating between oatmeal and rice, when do you give it,  etc. etc.

My daughter has a sensitive tummy. In addition, we didn’t sleep through the night until she was six months. I thought cereal would be the answer to this as many friends said “he started sleeping through the night when we gave him cereal.” My doctor gave her the ok for cereal in a bottle around 4 months. It did not go well for us. She was writhing in tummy pain all night. So we discontinued and never really used the cereal much. Instead we went to Earth’s Best Prunes and Oatmeal which kept her regular and content.

My point? Don’t feel obligated to use cereal because that is what everyone says you “have to do.” Trust your gut. And your baby’s.


Recommendations to Compliment Your Sippi Grip August 3, 2007

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nuby-gripper-cup.jpgIf you use a caregiver, daycare, etc. check out the BumpyName labels that fit right over a bottle or cup. I keep them on and throw them in the dishwasher with the bottles. Only problem is if you need to date the bottles per some daycares. Can’t help you on that.

On the sippy cup tip, try the Nuby. The only one my daughter will try, with a soft spout to make the transition a little easier. They have tons, some with straws, some that have multiple valves (nipple, sippy, straw) to try out. Baby Bungalow has a good selection if you can’t find them at your local Wal Mart or Target. FYI, Wal Mart has a bigger selection.


Genius Invention of the Day–the Sippi Grip

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inuse_01.jpgFull disclosure, the inventor was one of my bridesmaids. However, I’ve gotta give it up to my girl totally without bias on her invention, the Sippi Grip. Basically, it harnesses the sippy cup to your stoller, high chair, whatever so that your little Roger Clemens can’t chuck it all over the place. I tried it out for the first time today—genius! Try as she might, that cup stayed in the stroller. It can also adjust around a regular bottle, etc.


Breastfeeding Switcheroo?

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images.jpgI came across this article on Babble which describes a woman’s friend who wanted to swap babies while breastfeeding so they could be “milk siblings.” I have to admit that I really just don’t get this. I knew someone whose child was given the wrong bottled breastmilk at daycare and she nearly sued for assault and battery. I’m sure she wouldn’t be down with this idea. Check it out for yourselves.


World Breastfeeding Week—Thoughts? August 2, 2007

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I came across an interesting article from Andrea Peyser today in the NY Post. This week is World Breastfeeding Week. I was horrified to see some NY hospitals are banning free formula to be given to mothers upon discharge from the hospital.

Breast is best. That’s the word. I planned on breastfeeding, I assumed I would for 6 months to one year. It was a given. Then the reality of a preemie that didn’t have a suck reflex set in. I have never felt like such a failure in my life when I couldn’t breastfeed her. The pressure was overwhelming. I can hear people now saying “she didn’t try hard enough.” If they say that to me in person they will lose a limb. I felt liberated when I allowed myself to stop pumping. Only then did I truly engage with my baby. A baby needs a happy mom. I was a “bottle baby” and while Grace had breastmilk for 2 months, she essentially was too. And if you don’t like it, don’t do it but don’t judge me for my choices and I won’t judge you when you can’t get your child under control on the playground.