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Pacifier Controversy–How Old Is Too Old? August 14, 2007

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ryder1.jpgWhen thi300.jpgs pic was published a while back, many were up in arms about Ryder’s binky. They said he was 2 or 3 and waaaay too old for a pacifier. I agree that 2-3 is pushing it but when do you think they should go? I encountered a poor daycare workers struggling with a child who looked like she’d been crying for a week straight because “the parents want the pacifier gone, cold turkey.” The poor baby was probably only 8 months old and now the lucky daycare workers get to deal with the aftermath. How much you want to bet the baby gets it at night when the parents are around??? I’m just saying.

Grace initially had no pacifier and then it was suggested by the lactation consultants that it would help her suck reflex. We’ve been on the binky ever since. Regular latex Binky, not orthodontic thank you very much. I’m just excited that she seemed to take the orthodontic one today. That’s progress over here. She really only uses them to sleep. I’m not going to get all jacked up about it like some people do “you MUST wean at age (fill in the blank).” I’ve never seen a child attending college with a binky so I’m pretty sure she’ll be able to give it up.


Study Says Moms Too Quick to Reach for the Bottle *Offers No Suggestions For Working Moms August 8, 2007

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images1.jpgFound this article on Yahoo about how moms are “too quick” to reach for the bottle and then end up stopping breastfeeding sooner than they “should.” It notes that women should “ideally” breastfeed for six months or more.

Great idea but let’s talk reality. We have no mandatory maternity leave (paid) in this country. Thus, many women have to return to work (wow, what a concept!). I was planning on returning to my work after 3 months. This was unpaid leave by my employer but I would have been able to collect disability in California for about half my salary during that time period. If you live in another state or can’t get buy on half of your salary, I guess you get to go back earlier. I planned on breastfeeding too. Luckily I had my own office and could shut the door and pump away. However, I really could not work during this time or carry on phone conversations so this would be a significant chunk of time out of my day. I worked as an attorney with billable hours required and every minute counted, literally. So if I tood 30 minutes per day to pump, I’d basically be at the office another 45 minutes later in the day. That would put me at 6:30 for leaving. We had moved out of the city so I’d be home at around 7:15. My daughter goes to bed at 7pm so I guess I would just see her on the weekends 🙂 We ended up moving and I was able to stay home with Grace for the first year so this turned out not to be an issue for me. But it is for many, many women.

My friend worked in a cubicle and had to pump in the computer server room. Many pump in bathroom stalls with no electrical outlets. Gee, I wonder why they eventually give into the bottle. Let’s face it, its not easy on the mamas. Let’s focus on mandating breaks and facilities on the employers and a little less guilt on the mothers please.

AP article regarding bottlefeeding


Breastfeeding Switcheroo? August 3, 2007

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images.jpgI came across this article on Babble which describes a woman’s friend who wanted to swap babies while breastfeeding so they could be “milk siblings.” I have to admit that I really just don’t get this. I knew someone whose child was given the wrong bottled breastmilk at daycare and she nearly sued for assault and battery. I’m sure she wouldn’t be down with this idea. Check it out for yourselves.


World Breastfeeding Week—Thoughts? August 2, 2007

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I came across an interesting article from Andrea Peyser today in the NY Post. This week is World Breastfeeding Week. I was horrified to see some NY hospitals are banning free formula to be given to mothers upon discharge from the hospital.

Breast is best. That’s the word. I planned on breastfeeding, I assumed I would for 6 months to one year. It was a given. Then the reality of a preemie that didn’t have a suck reflex set in. I have never felt like such a failure in my life when I couldn’t breastfeed her. The pressure was overwhelming. I can hear people now saying “she didn’t try hard enough.” If they say that to me in person they will lose a limb. I felt liberated when I allowed myself to stop pumping. Only then did I truly engage with my baby. A baby needs a happy mom. I was a “bottle baby” and while Grace had breastmilk for 2 months, she essentially was too. And if you don’t like it, don’t do it but don’t judge me for my choices and I won’t judge you when you can’t get your child under control on the playground.