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Toxic Toys: Enough is Enough August 30, 2007

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fplogo_nav.gifI swear every day is a new toy recall regarding lead. Toys R Us has recalled another toy coloring set because of lead concerns. Fisher Price recalled too many to mention. I’m not an alarmist but this has me alarmed. I’ve started researching “green” or natural toys as an alternative. I’m no tree-hugger but this is ridiculous. We all know babies put everything in their mouths and I quite simply don’t want to take the chance anymore. I’d rather pay more money for fewer toys I know to be safe rather than having a toxic Big Bird end up in her mouth. It’s just not worth it. And shame on Fisher Price and others for forsaking our childrens’ safety for a cheaper made-in-China product with no apparent oversight. Who is manning the store around there???? Check out this article from Savannah Morning News for some good alternatives.


Pacifier Controversy–How Old Is Too Old? August 14, 2007

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ryder1.jpgWhen thi300.jpgs pic was published a while back, many were up in arms about Ryder’s binky. They said he was 2 or 3 and waaaay too old for a pacifier. I agree that 2-3 is pushing it but when do you think they should go? I encountered a poor daycare workers struggling with a child who looked like she’d been crying for a week straight because “the parents want the pacifier gone, cold turkey.” The poor baby was probably only 8 months old and now the lucky daycare workers get to deal with the aftermath. How much you want to bet the baby gets it at night when the parents are around??? I’m just saying.

Grace initially had no pacifier and then it was suggested by the lactation consultants that it would help her suck reflex. We’ve been on the binky ever since. Regular latex Binky, not orthodontic thank you very much. I’m just excited that she seemed to take the orthodontic one today. That’s progress over here. She really only uses them to sleep. I’m not going to get all jacked up about it like some people do “you MUST wean at age (fill in the blank).” I’ve never seen a child attending college with a binky so I’m pretty sure she’ll be able to give it up.


Keeping in Shape During Pregnancy: Crunch Yoga Mama August 8, 2007

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51jhtam4adl__aa240_.jpgI’ll admit I gained only about 15 pounds during my pregnancy (baby was early) and it wasn’t completely intentional. I was unbelievably sick to my stomach until about 22 weeks. I had my baby at 39 so I really had a short window of feeling like a normal human being. I shed the pregnancy weight very quickly because I didn’t put much on in the first place! People have asked about my “secrets” and here it is: don’t put on too much weight during the pregnancy and get in great shape before you get pregnant, if you can.  At the very least, I recommend prenatal yoga to help keep you in shape and also help ease the labor. Everyone I know who has done prenatal yoga has found labor to be much more manageable, myself included. Ok, I admit to an epidural after 24 hours of pain. So bottom line: you’re not eating for two, you’re eating for one and a half and get in that downward dog position pronto!