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Newbie Mama – Why Don’t People Tell You These Things?! ROCKS! October 24, 2007

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I typically don’t praise customer service much anymore because, unfortunately, there seems to be little to praise. However, this site proved me wrong. We have the umbrella pictured and LOVE it. Unfortunately it broke after 4 1/2 months…but it is still under warranty. (Enrique) promptly responded telling us a new one was on its way and to keep the old one for parts. Yo go Enrique!


Toxic Toys: Enough is Enough August 30, 2007

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fplogo_nav.gifI swear every day is a new toy recall regarding lead. Toys R Us has recalled another toy coloring set because of lead concerns. Fisher Price recalled too many to mention. I’m not an alarmist but this has me alarmed. I’ve started researching “green” or natural toys as an alternative. I’m no tree-hugger but this is ridiculous. We all know babies put everything in their mouths and I quite simply don’t want to take the chance anymore. I’d rather pay more money for fewer toys I know to be safe rather than having a toxic Big Bird end up in her mouth. It’s just not worth it. And shame on Fisher Price and others for forsaking our childrens’ safety for a cheaper made-in-China product with no apparent oversight. Who is manning the store around there???? Check out this article from Savannah Morning News for some good alternatives.


Teeth, Teeth Go Away. August 15, 2007

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orogel.jpgmotrin.jpghylands.jpg200.jpgPoor Gracie is teething like a maniac right now. I can see the numerous whitecaps right under the gums and I think we’re getting the dreaded molars. I’m always looking for remedies and here’s what I have found “works” so far. Keep in mind nothing works completely except those darn teeth breaking through the gums.

Hyland’s Teething Tablets (homeopathic) work pretty well but lately we’ve had to step it up to Infant Motrin. Another idea is putting the pacifier in the freezer (it won’t get too hard). I’ve also found a great remedy which is this little baggie thing from Munchkin. It’s called a Fresh Food Feeder, the idea being you put solids in the bag and they can chew without choking. I’ve found putting an ice cube in there really helps the teething. Just keep going to the freezer and repeating until the Motrin kicks in…

You can find all this wonderful stuff at


Favorite Baby Product..Just Don’t Flush It August 14, 2007

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tub-image.gifI have to admit, I’m a snob about certain products and I just won’t go generic. These include paper products (paper towels, toilet paper and baby wipes). These work so well that I just can’t deviate. They are silky soft and like cloth. But I really love them for their myriad of uses (wipe the counter, the car seats, the high chair, take off my makeup, wash my hands, etc.) These things do it all…except for flush. I made the stupid mistake of flushing a few too many down our toilet today. This ended up with poo water all over our master bath. I can’t relive it, it was horrifying. It’s finally under control but please DON’T FLUSH THESE BABIES!


Why Didn’t They Have This A Year Ago? August 8, 2007

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ptru1-3423122t130.jpg31dmwwbj1ql__aa250_.jpgFollowing up on my swing post, I really wish this product had been available a year ago as Grace loved her Graco Snugride and this is a swing frame that the carseat snaps into. Genius people!  Anyway, here it is….


Swingin’ the Fussies Away

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11357817.gifptru1-2789425t130.jpgWhen Grace was a wee thing the swing was our best friend. It was the only thing that seemed to soothe her. We got the Fisher Price Baby Papasan which swings forward and sideways (although our peanut really preferred the regular facing way). It’s a big seat that has an upright position and another position that is nearly flat. This was good for us as Grace literally slept in this thing for about a month. My only complaints are: price, bulkiness and no A/C adapter. Otherwise, it was a lifesaver for us. Be sure to stock up on D batteries.

My obsession with the swing first developed after reading Harvey Karp’s “Happiest Baby on the Block.” Highly recommended if you have a “difficult” baby…


Best. Baby. Shoes. Ever: Pedipeds. August 6, 2007

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36-121-everything_catalogimage.jpg36-100-everything_catalogimage.jpgMy daugther is a total squirmer. I can’t get shoes on her to save my life. Now that she’s a year old I really think it’s time to get some shoes on the child. I tried Robeez (ok but still a little tough to get on), generic Robeez, Target Circo shoes (cute but I think mine were defective, they literally looked like she had 2 left feet and they came off after an hour at daycare). I finally bit the bullet and bought some shoes that cost more than $10 since she’s cruising around now. She got them on at the store without a word so I would have paid anything at that point! They are Pedipeds. They are flexible soled shoes that are good for crawling and/or walking. They adhere to the “barefoot is best” theory so if you want shoes with a lot of arch support, these aren’t for you. The concept is your baby will develop their arches and muscles best by having “feel” of barefeet while being protected outside. I got the white Olivias and couldn’t be happier. So easy to put on and she is so proud of them (she clicks her tootsies together and smiles.) And how cute are these??? You can buy direct from the site and Zappos also has a good selection.