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Stroller Issues–Maclaren Quest August 6, 2007

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quest.jpgMy husband thinks I have a problem with strollers. I probably do. A little background…I originally purchased the Bugaboo Frog almost immediately upon pregnancy confirmation. We were living in San Francisco at the time and you just HAD to have one. So I got one. I thought nothing about practicality, etc. I figured if it was that expensive and you HAD to have it, it must be the best.  Wrong. My issues with the Boo are as follows: Too clunky, hard to fold, two piece design that is completely impractical for getting in and out of car, wide wheelbase that hits everything in its path in narrow stores.

So after a TON of research I decided to get the nifty Maclaren Quest. It has 3 recline positions, 12 pounds, a breeze to open and fold and a dream to steer. My problem with the Maclaren is it has no snack tray and my daughter likes to eat a lot and more importantly, she seems to slouch in it and can’t sit upright, which irritates her. Do any other Maclaren mamas have this problem?

I’m thinking Peg Perego P3 may be my next stop even though it’s bigger and save the Quest for travel. I was very drawn to the Peg Aria but held off because I heard it had durability issues. Any thoughts out there???