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Stand Up Against Toxic Toys September 10, 2007

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header_map.gifLast night I noticed a toy of Grace’s with some paint peeled off (likely from her mouth). I was mortified, remembered it was Fisher Price, then got really mad again. It’s ridiculous we have to worry about this. Fisher Price and other manufacturers who outsource need to take responsibility.

 If you want your voice heard on this and many other topics, check out They make it really easy to get your voice heard. 


Colic, fussy tummy, formula issues July 31, 2007

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gripe.jpggood-start.jpgcolic-tab.jpgTry as we might, Grace and I were not meant to be a breastfeeding couple. We tried, oh did we try. Multiple lacation appointments culminating with a nurse actually telling me “you know, it’s ok if it doesn’t happen.” Turns out my little peanut just didn’t get the sucking down. I learned quickly at the hospital that this could be a problem. I pumped for two months and then couldn’t take it anymore. She was originally put on Neosure preemie formula. Then we were switched to Similac Advance. DISASTER! Poor thing just was so fussy and unhappy. We tried Isomil soy. WORSE!  We did some research and felt we were headed to Alimentum, the hypoallergenic, super expensive formula. We begged the doctor to say it was ok. Finally she did. Moral of the story: You know your child better than your doctor, don’t be afraid to speak up. She was a new baby on Alimentum. However, it was so expensive and eventually we wanted to get her to regular formula. We eased her into Carnation Good Start without a problem. I only wish we had tried that first before Alimentum.  If you have a colicky, gassy, sensitive tummy baby, here are some of my favorites. Also check out It’s invaluable.

My best of include: Good Start formula, Baby’s Bliss Gripe Water, Hyland’s Colic Tablets (homeopathic). You can find them all at


Babyproofing the fireplace (aka the deathtrap)

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Kidsafe Hearth Protectorimg_0451.jpgGrace is now pulling up and “cruising” as they say. Of course, she’s obsessed with our stone hearth fireplace. I tried getting those foam things that stick on the edges and she essentially just laughed at me. Those things came off in about five minutes. I tried supergluing them to the stone. No matter, she ripped them off.  I thought about ordering a cover from this site My only concern was that we were going to have to custom order and I’ve made so many errors already that I wanted to have the option of a return if need be. So we went with this one which somehow screws on without damaging the hearth. Success!!! It’s more pricy, yes, but I bit hte bullet. The others did NOT work. This is Grace-proof but hasn’t resolved the problem of her climbing on top of the hearth when I’m not looking. You can’t have it all I guess.


I Can’t Decide About the Britax Marathon

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albee-baby_1957_54436790.gifI long for the days when Grace could comfortably ride in her Graco Snugride. Ahhh, the days of ease. That thing was so simple, never a twist or any confusing installation processes. Now Grace has graduated to the convertible car seat (a while ago actually). She is now permitted to ride forward facing. My car doesn’t have latch so we have to use the lap and shoulder belts. As I tried to extracate it from the belt in the rear facing position, the belt somehow tangled around the “lock off.” Two hours at the dealer and some frustration tears later the dealer says there’s no way they can get more slack out of the locked belt. A new belt is $500. Or you break the carseat. Luckily Britax said they’d sent a new lock off to me and that it wouldn’t affect my use of the seat. Turns out as I prepared to break the lockoff, it came loose. Glory!!!

 So here are my Britax Marathon Pros: Good customer service, one of the best safety-wise, seems to be comfy, goes up to 65 lbs I believe, it’s cute.

Cons: It is now sitting in my living room. I find this thing incredibly difficult to adjust, install without latch. I have a Cosco Senara cheapy for travel and it is not nearly as complicated. It also suffers from frequent twists of the straps, despite the touting of “no twisting” of the straps. And the thing is HEAVY!!! No cupholder, armrest if that matters.

 If you want a Britax, I recommend getting the Fisher Price Safe Voyage, which is made by Britax, and about $100 or more cheaper. Right now it’s on sale at Baby Universe for $139. Get it kids!!

Also, Albee Baby has the Britax Marathon on sale for $209.99 with free shipping. This is a total bargain in Britax world!


Do I buy her doll clothes? No, seriously what does she wear?

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on469192-01qlv01.jpgMy poor dear was so small coming home (actually 4lbs, 5 oz) upon discharge from hospital, I had absolutely nothing for her to wear. With the abundance of twins recently (and their likely prematurity), even Gap and Old Navy have gotten into the mix. Gap is for gifts. I’m a Target girl. But Target does not show the love for the preemie (get on the bandwagon guys!). Anyway, for those teenies, I found the big WM, WalMart, to have a lot of basics. Not so much online though. Babies R Us is also a savior for the preemie.

Check out the “under 7 lbs” section for the preemie at Old Navy:

 I understand that micropreemies and babies spending much, unfortunate time in the NICU have different needs. Check out for some inexpensive, NICU-friendly clothes for your cutie.


I am totally prepared for parenting. Not. July 30, 2007

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I delivered my dear daughter Grace six weeks early. Besides the panic of a completely unexpected premature birth, I realized I hadn’t had time to read my “how to” parenting books. Ok, I’d read Babywise but that was it. I was so ready to follow Babywise. Grace would be wise if she liked it or not!!!

Then the reality set in. Yes, the three hour intervals can work for some, but those babies probably would have gone along with any plan. My daughter was basically sleeping for six weeks after birth and then BOOM!!!! No sleep for you. Don’t you dare think about putting me down either! I tried cooking with a sling, wrap, Baby Bjorn, all of it. Nothing worked for me. I do not have that babywearing gene, she was always in danger of slipping out…Swing..check. She slept all night in it for a month. “But this is ruining your Babywise plan” you say. Yes it did. “Healthy Sleep Habits says motion sleep isn’t the same as non-motion sleep.” I guess that’s what they say but after a few days I had felt like I’d done a tour in a war and couldn’t take it anymore. Then I realized that all my best laid plans were out the window and I turned to others for support. I hope to provide some of that here, maybe a little humor too as well as my recommendations on things I found helpful, for what its worth.  Any questions you’d like me to field? Email me at


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Welcome to Mom2Mom, the website dedicated to Mamas around the world who need some helpful advice and a shoulder to lean on.  If you are pregnant or have been pregnant, you know that there are about as many opinions on baby things/parenting/pregnancy as there are people on the planet.  I am no expert but one thing I have learned is that other mothers were the best source of information out there.  My goal is to create a site where any new or experienced mother can exchange lessons learned and pass on answers to frequently asked questions.  I will also dedicate several sections to stroller, high chair, crib, and toy reviews and accessories without any marketing bias.  Please join me on this challenging (and wonderful of course!) journey through motherhood!

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