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Newbie Mama’s Reviews of Baby Stuff July 30, 2007

bob-ironman.jpgBob Ironman Stroller:

 I can’t even begin to describe my obsession with strollers. I love them. I will never stop searching for the perfect one. I suppose I will give it up when my daughter walks, otherwise it would be little creepy for me to keep investigating strollers when my daughter is in high school.

In my previous life I did triathlons, so a good jogging stroller was key for me. I decided on the Bob Ironman with the infant seat attachment. Reality Dad felt this would be the best stroller, without a doubt. At first, I disagreed. This stroller has a fixed front wheel, which is key for any serious jogging or running. But it seemed to “track” and go to the right with the car seat attachment.  So frustrating to have to constantly try to push it to the left while running. I almost sold it but….

It’s glorious without the car seat attachment! No tracking at all. Love it. Here are my pros and cons:

Pros: Smooth ride with shock abosorbers, great accessories attachment for handlebars, storage is unbelievable, peanut sleeps in it, sunshade is huge with a peak through window, little pockets in the side for peanut’s stuff

Cons: I still can’t figure out how to completely fold it, no front swivel wheel so its tough if you use it for anything other than jogging, Bob doesn’t seem to discount anywhere and it’s spendy, no bar or tray for child. The model that came out right after I bought mine reclines nearly fully (mine doesn’t)

Bottom Line: If you want a walking all terrain stroller, go for the Bob Revolution with a lockable front swivel wheel. For jogging, the Ironman is great with its skinny smooth wheels. I recommend purchasing the handlebar console.

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